your personal camera crew

facial and object tracking

real-time facial detection and tracking. ROTO automatically tracks your face and keeps you always in focus while you move around freely.

real-time object detection and tracking. define a specific object that you would like to track and ROTO will lock on that object and keep it in focus while ignoring other movements in the environment. especially useful in crowded spaces.

select your position in the shot and ROTO will keep you in focus in that specific spot


go live!

broadcast live directly on your favorite social media channel while using ROTO as your personal cameraman.

ROTO allows you to broadcast your stream to multiple destinations at once, so you can reach a larger audience, without extra hassle.



smart capture mode

“It's like having your own personal photographer.”

ROTO will automatically capture a photo or start recording when you stay still for two seconds. use with facial or object tracking and stay in the moment.


remote control

speed up your shooting process with the help of ROTO’s handheld remote control. cue your smartphone camera to take a photo or start recording from a distance of up to 50 feet without touching or bumping the camera – allowing you to hop into the frame exactly the way you want. crisp and steady footage guaranteed!

- 360 degree auto & manual rotation
- 10 speed motor
- range up to 50 feet

remotely control your smartphone to change the point of focus. professional video conferencing, designed with a wide variety of conferencing setups in mind. compatible with virtually any meeting software.




capture immersive 360 panoramas in 8k resolution.

ROTO rotates gently, slows to a complete stop, takes a picture, then moves to the next point, creating a fluid and smooth time-lapse.

is essentially 360 photo with partial video. first ROTO creates 360 photo, after the photo is finished you can start shooting video, which will appear only in 1/8 of the 360 content, meaning 315 degrees is steady photo and 45 is video, while recorded voice presentation can be heard in all parts.

build your own virtual reality by connecting different 360 photos into a tour with our free VR tour maker.


roto kit

rotator with built-in battery

main set

remote control
stable vertical phone holder
adjustable phone holder

supporting set

power cable
compression molded protection case

packed full of features
HDR Mode
Auto Zoom
Auto Focus
shareicon copy
SNS Sharing
Cloud Storage

roto development process

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